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You are the Mission


If you were guided here, then it is no accident.  Often as a light-worker, because we are called to authentically shine and evidence divine laws, we often feel lost, and that we do not belong anywhere. 

As we evidence self-love, we heal the world.  Self-love comes through self-exploration, healing, and energy mastery.

True healing of the Self has no agenda to fix or cure, but rather to self-empower, and guide you back to your personal truth and integrity. 




Being consciously aware of the divine being that you were destined to be, is a process to energy mastery and to well-being.

As we learn to fully integrate our higher self into this human experience, and become more of our truth, we enter the corridor of a spiritual spiral path to our highest expression.  

Once we are in our highest alignment, we can align in divine partnerships with others.

Being spiritual is a constant process of being authentic, self-empowered, and consciously aware. 

It does NOT denote a religious construct.  It is the channeling of the soul aspects of the higher self, from the quantum field of consciousness,  into this life, so as to become whole.



...To the Last Star,

Dr. Theresa







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"Well-th" is the New Rich