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Are The Center


You are the Mission


As a Light-Worker, Starseed, or Divine Partner, you are called to authentically shine and evidence cosmic law and you often feel lost and alone on your journey.

You are called to evidence self-love, first and foremost.  Only then can we serve the world selflessly and authentically and from full integrity.  

You MUST supply yourself with self-love & wholeness first exception.

As within, so without.

The goal at Forever Stardust is High Vibrational Self-Alignment & Authenticity!!!

Manifestation of your best life happens from that foundation.



Being consciously aware of the divine being that you were destined to be, staying in alignment, will keep your high vibe!!  When you vibe high, you magnetize & attract (not chase) your best life!

This is energy mastery!

As we learn to fully integrate our higher self into this human experience, and become more of our truth, we enter the corridor of a spiritual, spiral path to our highest expression.  



...To the Last Star,

Dr. Theresa




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"Well-th" is the New Rich 

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Examining Crops
Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


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