Quantum Astrology

Astrology has been around for thousands of years and stills has a depth of truth to help understand patterns and relationships of the planet and its inhabitants.  It is the first science.  It is a blend of astronomy, quantum physics, and spirituality It has been studied for thousand of years and was even the way that our first physicians diagnosed imbalances.  It is pinnacle of permission of observing our individuality & sovereignty.  It is the clock of life that helps us to understand ourselves intimately so that we can enhance our strengths and be wary of our weakness.   

If we have accepted that information packets from the sun impact all material and non-material on the planet, and that the moon impacts the waves of the ocean, then it would be congruous to consider that the other swirling rocks in the cosmos would have and impact on our planet and our lives, as well.

As we take into account these quantum energies and frequencies that converge to form a soul essence, we can apply these  principals to incarnation, path and purpose.  Your soul is the true identity of who you are.  It is your core cell; your life force; the driver of your life.   

On a journey to self-love and self-empowerment, and attempting to understand exhausting repeating patterns, pain, trauma, relationships, money, and health, an astrological reading is a beautiful tool that can be used to witness such information and to honor the individual.  In learning authenticity, we deliver a higher level of compassion, truth and integrity in our own lives and therefore in humanity.    The information in a birth chart is sacred and is to be handled with honor , respect, and grace.   


In having a Quantum Astrology reading, there is knowing that you are so much more complex than your sun sign.  There is an awareness and interpretation from a multi-dimensional and merged energetic perspective.  Within in this interpretation there is an exploration of who you incarnated as in this lifetime, the development of your soul, and where you are growing as a soul.  This can give direction and guidance when the path and direction seem unclear.


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Light & Truth

Dr. Theresa