As the collective shifts in consciousness, the awareness of the interconnected nature and creation of reality begins to be explored and to make more sense. 

In order to understand the concepts and abilities takes hold Physics is the foundational scientific study that is at the base of everything observable and non-observable.  With the expansion of quantum physics and theories, we have come to understand more about the interconnection between frequencies and matter; the tangible and intangible.

It helps us understand that we are mutli-dimensional light beings, and that this universe is created by infinite potentials of reality and creation.

Let's explore a few concepts of general physics first...

The first Law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  Energy is only ever transmuted and therefore everything is constantly recycled.

We also understand that energy IS matter  (E=MC2) and that matter has properties of both a particle and a wave at the same time. 

One element of quantum healing is based on the principal that the human is equipped with abilities to detect, interpret, and use these frequency and vibrations. 


 Electricity & Lightening

The principals of electricity and lightening are important as we understand physiology and elemental patterns.  Ions and charged particles that move through conductive substances like water and minerals, produce action potential.  Grounding this energy or information is critical. for the energy transfer or action to occur.  Electricity is the reason that the heart beats and the neurons fire. 

Also, it will be necessary to understand that the neutrality where polarities unite is how  batteries operates and how power is generated.  So the merge of opposing yet balanced energies is the creative force of the universe.   

The light spectrum, sound and color

There exists a visible and an invisible portion of the light spectrum.  This is only invisible to the human eyes.

The quantum field is an electromagnetic field within which exists packets of information in th

From the perspective of physics, the quanta is the smallest identifiable piece of the universe.  It's properties are multi-dimensional and until the last century quite mysteries.  Much of our modern technology is based upon the theories of quantum physics.  In this we understand in interconnections between everything.  Ib this we understand that matter has properties of particle and wave at the same time...meaning the it emits and collects frequencies of information.  In quantum philosophies it is important to understand that there are always more than one potentiality at play to produce the resultant reality.  

All things, including the human body, mind, & spirit are part of this energetic field.



Quantum Physiology

 From a quantum perspective, everything is multi-dimensional and is created from the frequencies of  light before it reaches enough density to form matter being held together by sound.  This material includes the human body.

As energy is focused into matter, it will reach the human body and be interpreted in the nervous system.  Throughout it's transit into form, and (depending on the soul), it may first be a thought form or a hormone produced by the body as a chemical messenger.  It is these hormones that will contribute to a feeling or emotion.  

The brain is the physical interface between our humanity and your quantum divinity, and is the neurological interpretation system of our higher selves and our human self.  From the density and chemistry of this organ, certain neurotransmitter will be released to regulate body functions and correspondent actions.  This process can assist in the regualtion of the fight or flight repsonse and the healing tone.  This will also be responsilble for the prodcution light frwuencies of the brain or bran waves.

The focus and intent of quantum healing is to subtly and energetically shift the tone of the nervous system of human physiology that w can identify neural processing of both thoughts and emotions.  We will use the body as the map to the quantum blockages.  From there we will work with mental body, emotional body, and energetic bodies to shift patterns of pain and dysfunction 



Thoughts and Emotions:

Your thoughts and emotions are not separate from your body nor your physiology and have a real and tangible physicality to them.  If these emotions are not appropriately processed and purged, which we are not often taught fruitful strategies to do so, then their chemical imprint may be left behind in the tissues of the body and perpetuate a symptom or disease.

Thoughts are the mental stories and constructs that we build around our feelings usually in an attempt to rationalize or validate feelings with a logical construct.  Neurotransmitters and hormones are involved in thought processes and, thereby, the respondent actions.  Emotions are the physiological foundation of your feelings. This is a huge deal.  Your endocrine organs respond to frequencies of light & sound and then secrete hormones in response.  These chemicals will build up to create a sensation or feeling.  They can either be created initially by the stress which will then be followed by thought patterns or they can be created or triggered by repetitive thought patterns.   




In this life, we rely heavily on our health in the hope that it remains stable,so that that our bodies get us to a heightened state of well-being.  That is so valuable and is what I call "well-th" because we have dreams of a life that is full of activity and experience.  When we are young we have an element of immortality that makes us less conscious of our health and all of its dimensions.  As we realize our mortality as we gain wisdom (that's my pc phrase for aging)We take steps to assure that we have a better chance of having a great quality of life?


 So what in the world is a Medical Intuitive Tap-In and what does all of this even mean? What does this have to do with well-being??  Let's think some things through and begin my discussing science, convention, and intuition.   

We exist in a conventional system that attempts to measure our health status to assess and assure us that our physical body is in a state of harmony and balance.  This beautiful, reductionist system gives us a plethora of valuable information about our current health and one predicted trajectory of our future health.  It is specific in it's understanding of the parts of the human body with pin-point, specific specialties.  It is a system that has relied heavily on the knowledge and application that science and technology have provided.  It is a system that is amazing for directing acute health care and crisis intervention.


But let me ask you if you think that our current, conventional health care model has the capacity to detect all possible imbalances in human physiology?  Applied science is used in convention, but does science equal convention or health.  Can this model treat all imbalances that could potentially show up? Can the current paradigm keep up with the ever-adapting human experience?  Is the current health care system currently armed with the ability to explain ALL of the mysteries of human physiology that have been or ever will be?  Is the current system recognizing that the sum of the parts of the human body does not equal the overall complexity and variability of the whole?  Does the current conventional model hold strength in replenishment, nourishment, and core correction?  Is it self-empowering? Are there side-effects and risks to the treatments of the current health care paradigm? 


In a fresh model of well-being, that tips the conventional model upside down, intuitive insights and knowledge are finally being honored and recognized as real and valid.   The mechanics of intuition can be studied and understood through the application of quantum concepts and physics, thereby disassembling the fear.  Without attempting to learn about it, intuition may be perceived as weird, sorcery, or scary.  Our training and conditioning makes us think of it as strange and not possible, real, or true.  However, intuition is built on the same principals of physics as your WiFi and cell phone technology.  The trained human can interpret the signals and every humans has the capacity to do so.  Keep in mind that science is an ever-expanding body of knowledge that repeatedly inspects things that we think we know and constantly asks questions about the things that we do not understand.  When we apply principals of discovery and objective curiosity to the intuitive principals of human health, we blend two amazingly, magical forces.


In the descriptor of Medical Intuition, we marry science and intuition, where a human's intuition is just as heavily weighted and accepted as is the scientific observation.  Intuition exists in all of us and it is that inner voice or nudge.  Each of us will receive and interpret these messages differently.  Most of us have been trained and condition to negate that inner call and to only listen to what is presented and directed to us by others.  That is dis empowering and not balanced.  We have all been hornschwaggled into trusting that our well-being is someone else's responsibility and that someone else knows better than our own internal guidance system.   You must first receive your intuitive messages before you can take action in health, life, or applied science.  


Sooooo...Back to the original question...this Medical-intuitive Tap-In...what is it??   First you must understand that ALL physical symptoms and health imbalances are rooted in biochemistry, physiology, emotional locks, and spiritual blocks.  It is my name for a method of analysis whereby I employ my emotional intuition and muscle testing (a form of kinesiology) to determine the origin of your imbalance in any given moment.   I melt this with my intimate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and functional medicine principals.  


Performing an MI Tap-In can be performed in-person or remote (if you understand quantum energetics, this will make more sense) and will give the information about what your body requires to heal your most vital imbalance at any one moment.  This imbalance may not always match your symptom, but once this imbalance clears, your body can afford the energy to correct the next int the triage line. 


Knowing that all of your imbalances are created in the micro scale, the necessity for structural work (Dimensional-Neuro Technique) is very small when you work on your health from the inside out.  Therefore, the MI session will always precede any Dimensiona-Neuro session.  If the Bio-sequencing (muscle testing) scan does not reveal the need for structural work, and only requires homeopathy, nutrients, emotional work, or no treatment at all, then none is given.  This technique allows the body to decide what you require and we follow the assessment for the proper and safe treatment.  


So then you may ask if it actually works??  I am going to say that I myself have experience this method and whether I receive it or I ma the deliver, it about 85% accurate.  On at least two occasions, I thought I was going to have to have knee repair or injections, because 4 months of structural work was not correcting the knee issue and pain.  I was distance-checked via this method and within 4 days of working with my kidneys and bladder, I had no need for anything structural.


This system is definitely a self-empowered and holistic system of perpetual healing and tools to help balance.  In a self- empowered health care dynamic, the healer is there to guide, but doesn't actually do the healing.  They recognize that the person seeking balance is there to do the actual work.  The healer delivers information, may be given permission to remove resistance and pain, and holds safe space for the person to transmute their pain into a purpose.  It is a process, not an event. 


The Medical Intuitive Tap-In and practitioner can assist and beautifully merge with convention.  While convention maintains it's detail inspection of systems and symptoms and treatments, the Medical Intuitive can assist with replenishment, nourishment, of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.