Vibrational Nutrition


The purity and integrity of food and nutrients are essential for clarity of body-mind-spirit and can assist and support the change in our vibrational hygiene. Taking action toward true nourishment evidences self-value and self-empowerment .

As blocks and patterns are cleared from the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, Vibrational Nutrition has the intent to cleanse, nourish, & replenish the systems of the physical..  By utilizing profound detoxification methods, dietary modification, and high-vibrational nutrient therapies, we are given an opportunity to transcend dysfunction and disease.  We will explore imbalances in neurotransmitters, hormones, & digestion to make the most efficient shifts in vibrational well-being. 

The assessment for the appropriate direction of Vibrational Nutrition is done through a combination of Medical Intuitive checks, Bio-Sequencing, blood panel evaluation and/or body mapping.   

​In general, you will be guided toward the following steps for ultimate Energetic Hygiene:

Immune System Cleaning & Anti-inflammation

Kidney & Liver stabilization (1-3 months)

Detoxification of cells & interstitial fluids (1-3 months)

Gut Repair 

Neurological & Hormonal Balancing & Clearing

Nourishment & Replenishment

I will recommend a combination of the following general Food Lifestyles:

Clean Eating


Modified Ketogenic

Intermittent Fasting


I utilize certain nutrient companies due to company integrity.

One company with an ordering portals is:

Garden of Life (Wellevate portal above)

Drop ship options (Dr. Supervised):

Drs. Research

Humankind Homeopathy

Innate Choice

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